SJ  2900 Series

2901 – A Show For Kids (Premiered 9/22/16)

We travel to Elmdale, KS to visit Camp Wood YMCA; then we travel to Halstead, KS, to explore the Kansas Learning Center for Health; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Sarah Higgerson, the animal care supervisor at the Deanna Rose Childhood Farmstead in Overland Park, KS. Watch Here!

2902 – Hobbies (Premiered 9/29/16)

Vinyl records have made a comeback as we see in Salina, KS, at Acoustic Sounds, Inc., a company who remasters award-winning recordings; then we join in on the Topeka Area Water Garden Society Pond Tour and see some amazing backyard ponds; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Margie Hunter, a high-tech Geocacher. Watch Here!

2903 – Remembering WWI – 100 Years Later (Premiered 10/6/16)

We visit the Kansas State Historical Society and see an exhibit centered on James Clark Hughes, who had a personal collection of materials related to his wartime experiences; then we learn about the artwork of war, where collections of printed illustrations were used to tell the story of WWI to citizens back home; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Doran Cart, the senior curator at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Mo, and watch him prepare a new exhibit. Watch Here!

2904 – Art (Premiered 10/13/16)

We meet members of the Topeka Art Guild and learn about their 100th year anniversary; see art in action as people who haven’t picked up a paintbrush create beautiful paintings at Paint Therapy Uncorked in Topeka, KS; then its off to Hardtner, KS, where Pake McNally shows off his work as a blacksmith. Watch Here!

2905 – Education (Premiered 10/20/16)

We start off at Washburn University and see how vintage TV campaign commercials are used to help college students study past Kansas Governors through their political campaigns; then its off to Salina, KS, to visit the K-State Unmanned Aircraft Training Center – a program teaching the building and operation of flying drones; then we meet Kansas Teacher of the Year Justin Coffey in Dodge City, KS. Watch Here!

2906 – Agriculture (Premiered 10/27/16)

We visit a Clydesdale Horse Breeding operation in Goddard, KS; then travel to Ag Heritage Park in Alta Vista, KS to look at a collection of memorabilia commemorating early agricultural life in rural America; and we meet Katherine Kelly in our Plains People segment who tells us about Cultivate Kansas City. Watch Here!

2907 – Places to Visit (Premiered 11/03/16)

We return to Cowley County in Kansas to see more historic stone arch bridges; then we see a Kansas favorite, the Ball of Twine in Cawker City, KS, during their annual Twine-a-thon; after that, we head to Dodge City, KS, observing the billboards along the way showing Brent Harris, the “face” of Dodge. We meet Brent and learn why Dodge City is a great place to visit. Watch Here!

2908 – Recreation (Premiered 11/10/16)

First, we’re off to the Youth Fishing Tournament held annually at Glen Elder Lake in north central Kansas; then we visit Emporia, KS, to learn about the soaring popularity of Disc Golf with the Dynamic Disc company; after that we met brother and sister team Jonathan & Kristin Conard, authors of the Kansas Trail Guide. Watch Here!

2909 – Kansas History (Premiered 11/17/16)

We uncover the history of the Rocky Ford Fishing Area, an historic river crossing near Manhattan, KS; then we learn what fifty years of the Historic Preservation Act has done for the state of Kansas; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Stu Entz & Kevin Drewelow who restore historic aircraft at the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, KS. Watch Here!

2910 – Events & Destinations (Premiered 12/1/16)

We take a look at The Kansas Riverkings Museum in Lawrence, KS, a new place to visit near downtown; we learn about the Sunflower Music Festival, an annual Topeka, KS, event; and after that it’s off to the Boulevard Drive-In Theater, one of the last theaters of its type in the state located in Kansas City, KS. Watch Here!

2911 – Festivals (Premiered 12/8/16)

We visit an event that was created just for the fun and enjoyment of eating – the Capital City Food Truck Festival in Gage Park, Topeka, KS; then we visit Old Shawnee Days in Shawnee, KS, to see a celebration of the community’s pioneer beginnings; and in our Plains People segment, we stop in McPherson, KS, to get a closer look at the McPherson Scottish Festival. Watch Here!

2912 – Kansas Food & Drink (Premiered 12/15/16)

We visit Paola, KS, to see why Beethoven’s #9 Restaurant has become a spot for destination dining; then we visit a distillery in Atchison, KS that creates Most Wanted Vodka; and we meet Greg Fox, a restauranteur and musician in Topeka, KS. Watch Here!

2913 – Communities (Premiered 12/22/16)

We start in Beloit, KS at radio station KVSV, “The Voice of the Solomon Valley,” to see how radio enhances a small community; then we meet up with WSU Professor of History Jay Price as he walks us through the NoMar District in North Wichita, an hispanic business community that faces challenges, yet remains optimistic; and we meet Scott Stebner, a photographer who spends a lot of time documenting the farming and ranching community in Kansas. Watch Here!


SJ 2800 Series

SJ 2801- Premiered 7 PM, September 17, 2015 on KTWU

Find out the early history of the Docking State Office Building; visit the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association world tournament in Topeka; meet Deb Goodrich, a person who takes history quite seriously as she shows us around the Topeka cemetery. Watch Here!

SJ 2802- Premiered 7PM, September 24, 2015 on KTWU

We look back 50 years to a fateful day in Wichita when a fully loaded military tanker crashes into a residential neighborhood; we travel to Hesston, KS, to visit the Dyck Arboretum; we see what why Myron Schmidt of Goessel, KS built a 9-hole golf course behind his rural Kansas home. Watch Here!

SJ 2803- Premiered 7PM, October 1, 2015 on KTWU

We visit Coronado Heights, a scenic and historic destination northwest of Lindsborg, KS; we travel to Salina, KS to take in the Smoky Hill River Festival, a tradition since 1977; meet Marc Anderson, a Lindsborg resident who sings in the annual Messiah Festival of the Arts. Watch Here!

SJ 2804- Premiered 7PM, October 8, 2015 on KTWU

We look back at origins of the Kansas City Arts Institute which started as a sketch club in 1885; we get a taste of the Johnson County Community College Culinary Arts program; meet Hib Kline, a docent from the Arabia SteamBoat Museum in Kansas City, MO. Watch Here!

SJ 2805- Premiered 7PM, October 15, 2015 on KTWU

We visit the annual Mennonite Relief Sale in Hutchinson; learn the history of Emerson Carey, a pioneer in the Kansas Salt industry; we travel to Buhler, KS, to meet Gary and LaVon Manear. Watch Here!

SJ 2806- Premiered 7PM, October 22, 2015 on KTWU

See why pianos are painted at Union Station to celebrate the Kansas City Music Educator’s 100 anniversary; learn about the Symphony in the Flint Hills 10th anniversary; meet Bob Scott of Maize, KS, who provides chamber music in a barn.
Watch Here!

SJ 2807- Premiered 7PM, October 29, 2015 on KTWU

We watch nitrogen freeze up ice cream at Eye Scream Labs in Galena, Kansas; we buzz into Sylvan Grove to see Fly Boy Brewery & Eats; meet Heidi Plumb and Kale Dankenbring who left a big city to start up two small businesses in St. Francis, KS.
Watch Here!

SJ 2808- Premiered 7PM, November 5, 2015 on KTWU

We learn about a charter school in Walton, KS, that uses agriculture as a gateway to project based learning; we find out about a trend of agricultural financing called “Slow Money,” that supports small-operation local farmers who grow non-GMO crops; we meet Rachael Savage, an organic crop inspector who also runs a CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture) market in Topeka.
Watch Here!

SJ 2809- Premiered 7PM, November 12, 2015 on KTWU
We head to Ottawa to see the Plaza Theater, which is considered the oldest, continuously-operating movie theater in the nation and possibly the world; then, we visit Gardner, KS, a small town with historic connections to the many trails that cross Kansas, and through historic films, compare it’s past to present day; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Colin MacMillan, a photographer who lives in Manhattan, KS, and loves to spend his spare time photographing grass burning the Flint Hills.
Watch Here!

SJ 2810- Premiered 7PM, November 19, 2015 on KTWU
In our first segment, we see why Burlington, KS, is called the “Catfish Capital of the World” that dates back to a historic competition with Chetopa, KS to claim the title; we visit a few more small towns to see how their historic soda fountains live on as tourist destinations; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Glenda Trecek, who is trying to rebuild her hometown of Agenda, KS, and make her town viable again. Watch Here!

SJ 2811- Premiered 7PM, December 3, 2015 on KTWU
We visit Kansas Originals, a small store just north of Wilson along I-70 that sells only Kansas-made or Kansas-connected art, craft and food items; then we trek to Bonner Springs, KS, to see glass marbles being made in front of a crowd of eager tourists; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Hoisington resident Phil Webb – a mostly self-taught artist who makes personalized grave stones for unmarked graves. Watch Here!

SJ 2812- Premiered 7PM, December 10, 2015 on KTWU
A new museum is housed in a building that once served as a parachute-drying and repairing facility during World War II when Pratt, KS, had an air base; we look at the fifty year commemoration of American involvement in the Vietnam War and how the event is being observed by former American and South Vietnamese soldiers; and for something different, we meet Ed Stewart in our Plains People segment. He is a treasure hunter who finds his buried treasures in the most unlikely of places – sites of former privies. Watch Here!

SJ 2013- Premiered 7PM, December 17, 2015 on KTWU
We meet an author of a new book about Marymount College in Salina, KS. The college closed years ago, but had a huge impact on both the town and the region and when it opened in 1922 as the first all-women’s college in Kansas; we visit MINDDRIVE in Kansas City, MO, where area high school students work on weekends to learn how to build real-world electric cars; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Eric McHenry, the new Poet Laureate of Kansas who promotes poetry across the Midwest. Watch Here!

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SJ 2700 Series


SJ #2701 “Sampling Kansas” Premiered September 25, 2014
Wamego hosts the 25th annual gathering known as the Kansas Sampler Festival; the state barbeque championship takes place in Osage City; and meet the creator of Truckhenge, a unique outdoor display of old vehicles. WATCH HERE

SJ #2702 “Better Babies & Faded Bison” Premiered October 2, 2014
Efforts in the early 20th century to improve the human genome through eugenics; cleaning the panorama of North American wildlife at KU’s Museum of Natural History; and a woman who conducts genealogical research. WATCH HERE

SJ #2703 “Outdoor Life” Premiered October 9, 2014
A nonprofit organization provides resources in support of conservation and environmental education; families come together at the Capital Campout in Topeka; and a teacher takes part in a weekend outdoor workshop. WATCH HERE

SJ #2704 “Flint Hills Structures” Premiered October 16, 2014
Vintage photos depict life in a rural community as new owners repurpose the general store; a contemporary photographer captures images of subterranean stone shelters; and a stone mason brings his skills to the resurrection of a country schoolhouse.WATCH HERE

SJ #2705 “Railroading Heritage” Premiered October 23, 2014
Reflect on the history of Union Station in Kansas City as it celebrates its centennial; learn about the forces that contributed to the demise of the Rock Island Railroad; and railroad enthusiasts operate their own small-gauge railroad. WATCH HERE

SJ #2706 “Animal Companions” Premiered October 30, 2014
Training for aspiring veterinarians at K-State’s Pet Health Center; a new home for Topeka’s Helping Hands Humane Society; and a dog trainer demonstrates his motivational training techniques. WATCH HERE

SJ #2707  “Public Libraries” Premiered November 6, 2014
Independence Public Library honored as one of the best small libraries in the nation; Kansas libraries employ unorthodox approaches in extending their services; a librarian works out of a bookmobile. WATCH HERE

SJ #2708 “Art for All” Premiered November 13, 2014
Eminent Kansan Joab Mulvane & the museum that bears his name; accessible arts at the Kansas School for the Blind; art lab coordinators encourage artist expression by kids. WATCH HERE

SJ #2709 “Rural Vistas” Premiered November 20, 2014
Aging shelterbelts affected by climate change; a tour of classic barns with the Kansas Barn Alliance; a Jamestown craftsman creates a covered bridge. WATCH HERE

SJ #2710 “Touring Kansas” Premiered November 27, 2014
Commemorating a highway route called The Great White Way; a farm and winery tour in the Kaw Valley; an urbanite enjoys rural treks on foot. WATCH HERE

SJ #2711 “Stately Structures” Premiered December 4, 2014
We take a look at the newly restored Kansas Capitol building and learn of its new offerings for tourists; learn about a beloved building on the K-State campus that was burned in protest by students in the ’60s, yet saved by a later group of students in the ’80s; Mike Goans works to save an historic building utilized by early German immigrants in Lawrence, KS. WATCH HERE

SJ #2712 “Progress & Preservation” Premiered December 11, 2014
We look at the story of the South Lawrence Trafficway, a roadway that has taken years to overcome obstacles including passage through a wetlands area; Olympian Billy Mills teams up with the Kansas Kickapoo to bring attention to diabetes within Native American populations; meet Ken Brunson, project director for the Nature Conservancy in the Red Hills of Kansas. WATCH HERE

SJ #2713 “Living Legacies” Premiered December 18, 2014
We visit the Brown v Board of Education National Historic Site and see how the facility is commemorating 60 years of the landmark US Supreme Court court case that desegregated American schools, take a drive to Iola, KS, to learn about the Bowlus Arts Center’s 50th anniversary; and meet Dan Thalmann, a newspaper publisher in Washington, KS, who feels the newspaper business is an important way to document a community as a legacy for future generations. WATCH HERE


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