Technical Information

The arrival of digital television (“DTV”) is one of the most significant developments in television technology since the advent of color television in the 1950’s. DTV has the capability to provide clearer and sharper, cinema-like pictures as well as multi-channel, CD-quality sound. It also provides new uses such as multiple video programs or other services on a single television channel, including data services. The use of DTV technology will also allow television to enter the digital world of the personal computer and the Internet.

As with any major technology change, it will be important for consumers to understand the capabilities of new equipment. The digital television sets have many new features and technical characteristics that vary somewhat between different models and manufacturers. In addition, special features may be needed when using DTV sets to receive programs from cable, direct satellite, or other video service providers.

To help viewers navigate some of the obstacles that DTV presents please contact our Engineering Staff and they may be able to address your problems or issues.