Tune In To KTWU-TV

KTWU-TV has always been known for exceptional programming. What may be less known, however, are the other services we provide to the public.

Children’s Programming

In a time when Congress feels the need to mandate that commercial stations air 3 hours of “educational” programming a week, we provide 60+ hours of programming that has won high acclaim from educators, parents and the television industry.


KTWU actively participates in community outreach efforts. One example of this is local follow-up programs related to issues raised in the national programming.


KTWU was one of the first ten stations in the nation to implement closed captioning (CC) for the hearing impaired. In 1995 we began offering the only Descriptive Video Service (DVS) in this area. This service makes many of our programs accessible to the blind and visually impaired using narrated descriptions of the key visual elements without interfering with the program audio or dialog of a program. Digital broadcasting offers both an enhanced viewing and listening experience on all of our three channels.

Internships and Work-Study Opportunities

Students interested in the field of broadcast television can gain practical experience in our facility.

The KTWU Web Site

Our site provides you with the most up-to-date listings of our program schedule, detailed information about our local productions, valuable educational services, as well as information about how you can support the station and all the services mentioned above.