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In this month's IGI, we will take a look at tourism in Kansas, the impact it has on local towns and residents, and how tourism locations develop across the state. Kansas offers so many attractions and events. Historic and scenic places abound along with museums, art galleries, music festivals, and seasonal events. Whether vacationers are looking for outdoor activities or more specialized activities like wine tasting, quilting and antiques, IGI will try to cover the many options available. Hosted by Maureen Mahoney, IGI also looks at the impact tourism has on local towns and residents, and how tourism locations develop across the state. IGI includes an examination of the statistics on our state tourism industry and how much money and jobs tourism brings in each year. And how much money is leaving the state when residents travel elsewhere. Marci Penner from the Kansas Sampler Foundation will bring her insight and ideas to share with viewers as well as special guests from Kansas Travel and Tourism, outdoor travel from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and members of the Kansas Bed and Breakfast association. Blue Cross and Blue Shield will highlight their support of the new TravelKS.com promotion this summer. Links to information presented in the program and further resources are available online at ktwu.org.


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