Sunflower Journeys is a series of half-hour programs presented in a “magazine-style” format. Each program presents three stories connected by a common theme. Each year we produce a new series of programs. They are broadcast on a weekly basis. These programs primarily feature the insights of knowledgeable individuals who provide the expertise and experiences upon which the resulting stories are based. Although the three segments of each program are designed to complement each other, they may also be viewed separately, which may be desirable for classroom settings.

KNEA Quest is a cooperative production of KTWU and Washburn University and is the top high school academic competition in Kansas.

Teams from approximately 100 Kansas high schools are administered identical examinations and are tested on their knowledge of subjects such as history, music, government, art, literature and physical science. Scores are tabulated and awards are presented to the top teams in 1A through 6A classifications. The 16 teams earning the highest scores are recognized and receive the opportunity to compete in the televised, single-elimination tournament.

The Kansas National Education Association and Russell and Jane Greene provide substantial support for the production of Quest TV games. Quest TV is produced by KTWU and Washburn University.

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I’ve Got Issues

Wood Brick Stone

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