What’s it like to be afraid to get sick?

Afraid because you can’t pay for the doctors?…or the hospital?… or the medicine?

This month we try to find out what that is like for thousands right here in Kansas as KTWU’s “I’VE GOT ISSUES” concludes the unprecedented 3-month mini-series on the topic of Health Care. On Wednesday, May 25, at 7 p.m. on KTWU-HD, digital channel 11.1, I’VE GOT ISSUES presents AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE: A PATIENT’S PERSPECTIVE.

Hosted by Janet Thompson Jackson, the May episode of IGI now brings the Health Care issues home in a discussion of the patient’s perspective.

This month’s program features a special interview with Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger. IGI will talk with her specifically about how the Health Exchanges will work in Kansas.

Also appearing is physician Jane Murray who has written a recent book about health care issues in this country, “BE THE CHANGE, Transforming Health Care From the Inside Out”.

And we will have some local Kansans with their real issues with family coverage and retirement insurance

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