It’s a short trip out west for the next edition of IGI. “Discovering the Flint Hills” looks at new developments related to tourism and economic development.

Two main topics on development are covered in the program: a large regional planning grant that has emerged from a process initiated by the governor, and the brand new attraction, the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan.

Program guests joining the discussion in the studio include Ty Warner and Jeff Adams of the Flint Hills Regional Council as well as Bob Workman, director of the Flint Hills Discovery Center, and Bruce Snead, former Manhattan mayor and president of the new attraction’s foundation. A video segment with Flint Hills commentary by Gus van der Hoeven of Manhattan will also be featured.

Lena Rodriguez is your host for Discovering the Flint Hills.

Flint Hills Visioning Summit Flint Hills Regional Council’s HUD grant Gus van der Hoeven’s commentary
Opening of Flint Hills Discovery Center Flint Hills Discovery Center: Education/Outreach Full program

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