Vote Smart

Election time is here and KTWU asks viewers if they are prepared. What are your voter rights? What does it take to make an informed vote? Find the answers on the next KTWU I’VE GOT ISSUES.

In this episode the discussion will focus on the election management process and the individual’s rights and responsibilities as a Kansas voter. How can Kansas voters prepare themselves to cast that ballot?

The responsibility is on every voter to determine our next elected representatives, and whether or not to retain the judges listed on the ballot. Series host Janet Thompson-Jackson will discuss the Informed Voters Project with Judge Cheryl Rios Kingfisher and Judge Evelyn Wilson, both of the Third Judicial District Court, Shawnee County, Kansas.

IGI will also talk about voter rights and responsibilities with President of Kansas League of Women Voters, Dolores Furtado.

Janet Thompson Jackson hosts the IGI series.

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