Program Schedule

KTWU 11.1

KTWU-HD, Broadcasting on Digital Channel 11.1 takes full advantage of the digital spectrum by presenting most of the most popular programs on PBS in High Definition format. KTWU-HD is home to the traditional programming and local productions that viewers have come to appreciate on local public television.

KTWU 11.2

KTWU MHz WORLDVIEW, Broadcasting on Digital Channel 11.2, is a unique service of international programming brought to American homes. Documentaries, family shows, news and talk formats and action packed dramatic shows fill the daily schedule. Viewers also find some sports and kids shows here.

KTWU 11.3

Broadcasting on Digital Channel 11.3, KTWU ENHANCE is the completely locally programmed Digital Channel that includes public television’s most popular lifestyle and how-to Programs along with kid’s shows.

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