Theatre of the Mind Presents THE INVISIBLE MAN

Posted on Sunday, September 28th, 2014 in KTWU Productions.

This year’s THEATRE OF THE MIND production recorded in the KTWU studio is H.G. Wells, THE INVISIBLE MAN. Adapted and directed by Philip Grecian, this is another outstanding 1940’s-style radio play performance. THE INVISIBLE MAN premieres on KTWU-HD on Friday, October 3, at 8 p.m.

In the village of Iping, in a blinding snowstorm, a heavily muffled stranger arrives at the local inn demanding a room. His head is bandaged and his eyes concealed behind blue goggles. His possessions arrive the following day – scores of strange glass bottles and boxes of books. All is well, until the landlady begins to make inquiries, the stranger loses his temper, strips off his wrappings and is…invisible!  The chemicals used to achieve invisibility have begun to affect his mind, and he plans a reign of terror, using his invisibility to subjugate the village and eventually, he claims, the nation. Completely mad, the Invisible Man goes on a rampage. No one is safe.

As has been the custom with these dramas, the actors often play multiple roles and employ vintage microphones to simulate radio’s Golden Age with live physical sound effects. They portray period radio performers, and so the mysterious presence of the invisible man is created through “theatre of the mind” in the imaginations
of the listening audience.