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Past Episodes

SJ 2900 Series 2901 – A Show For Kids (Premiered 9/22/16) We travel to Elmdale, KS to visit Camp Wood YMCA; then we travel to Halstead, KS, to explore the Kansas Learning Center for Health; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Sarah Higgerson, the animal care supervisor at the Deanna Rose Childhood Farmstead in Overland Park, KS. Watch Here! 2902 – Hobbies (Premiered 9/29/16) Vinyl records have made a comeback as we see in Salina, KS, at Acoustic Sounds, Inc., a company who remasters award-winning recordings; then we join in on the Topeka Area Water Garden Society Pond Tour and see some amazing backyard ponds; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Margie Hunter, a high-tech Geocacher. Watch Here! 2903 – Remembering WWI – 100 Years Later (Premiered 10/6/16) We visit the Kansas State Historical Society and see an exhibit centered on James Clark Hughes, who had a personal collection of materials related to his wartime experiences; then we learn about the artwork of war, where collections of printed illustrations were used to tell the story of WWI to citizens back home; and in our Plains People segment, we meet Doran Cart, the senior curator at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Mo, and watch him prepare a new exhibit. Watch Here! 2904 – Art (Premiered 10/13/16) We meet members of the Topeka...

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