I’ve Got Issues

I've Got Issues

“I’ve Got Issues” is a community affairs series at KTWU. The program is intended to be a wide-ranging community affairs show that explores a variety of topics. The “community” of which we speak encompasses that portion of eastern Kansas and western Missouri that KTWU serves by way of broadcasting and cable outlets.

Season Episodes:
Episode 609 – Your Voice Your Vote 2016
Episode 608 – Planning for Death
Episode 607 – Elections in Kansas
Episode 606 – 2016 Legislative Review
Episode 605 – Vacation Squeeze
Episode 604 – Extreme Weather
Episode 603 – AG Reality In Kansas
Episode 602 – Guns In Kansas
Episode 601 – Legislature Back In Session

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I’ve Got Issues Facebook Page,  @ Twitter  or By Email – issues@ktwu.org

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