I’ve Got Issues

I've Got Issues

“I’ve Got Issues” is a community affairs series at KTWU. The program is intended to be a wide-ranging community affairs show that explores a variety of topics. The “community” of which we speak encompasses that portion of eastern Kansas and western Missouri that KTWU serves by way of broadcasting and cable outlets.

Viewers are encouraged to collaborate with the station as it continues in community-building efforts along with people around the globe who wish to connect and participate.

Current Episodes:

Episode 401 – War On Poverty
Episode 402 – Kansas Legislature 2014
Episode 403 – Health and Wellness
Episode 404 – Brown at 60
Episode 405 – The Death Penalty
Episode 406 – Vote Smart
Episode 407 – Veteran Healthcare
Episode 408 – Election Special: Your Voice, Your Vote ’14: US Senate 2014
Episode 409 – Election Special: Your Voice, Your Vote ’14: Kansas Governor
Episode 410 – Diabetes On The Reservation
Episode 411 – Ebola
Episode 412 – Equal Justice Under The Gun

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I’ve Got Issues Facebook Page,  @ Twitter  or By Email – issues@ktwu.org

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